Barratt Galleries has closed its doors and exists now as a conceptual/transient space, no longer fixed in space. The Director, Julie Barratt, continues her work as a curator, consultant, mentor and artist internationally. To stay informed of upcoming projects and opportunities keep an eye on this site, where details of Julie's projects will be posted. Julie would like to thank all those who supported, exhibited, attended exhibitions and passed through the gallery doors for a cuppa over the last 5 busy years. You are all stars in her constellation and she will miss you, but hopes to move on with you all to wonderful futures.

hankie project

DACOU, in conjuction with Barratt Galleries & Monash Univerisity warmly welcomes you to "Footsteps".
New works from 16 Northern Rivers printmakers.
The works will be further exhibited as part of the IMPACT 7: International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking Conferenc at Monash Uniersity.
OPENING: Saturday September 10th at 4pm.