November 26

Barratt Galleries

Barratt Galleries has closed its doors and exists now as a conceptual/transient space, no longer fixed in space. The Director, Julie Barratt, continues her work as a curator, consultant, mentor and artist internationally. To stay informed of upcoming projects and opportunities keep an eye on this site, where details of Julie’s projects will be posted. Julie would like to thank all those who supported, exhibited, attended exhibitions and passed through the gallery doors for a cuppa over the last 5 busy years. You are all stars in her constellation and she will miss you, but hopes to move on with you all to wonderful futures.

hankie project

November 30

Quality Wedding DJ Hire in Melbourne

Quality DJ Hire in Melbourne

If you’re looking for DJ hire in Melbourne, you don’t have anything to worry about. There are practically countless professional DJs working in the city. Whether you’re organising a birthday party, wedding festivities, a hens party, a work conference or anything else along those lines, live entertainment can make a wonderful and welcome addition. 

Many Melbourne companies specialise in DJ hire. If you’re looking for wedding DJ hire Melbourne at Discosource, for example, any reputable wedding planner you work with may be able to provide you with suggestions on DJ hire companies in the city. When you need DJ hire in Melbourne, the key is to carefully explore all of your available options. Since a DJ can often make or break any gathering or event, it’s important to be as diligent and attentive as can be in your search.

DJ hire in Melbourne is extremely common. If you attend a party or event in the city, there’s a very good chance there will be a DJ in attendance spinning a vast selection of tunes. When you search for DJ hire in Melbourne, you should always pay close attention to music genres. While some Melbourne DJs prefer spinning pop and rock music, others prefer different genres such as dance and electro. Before you select DJ hire in Melbourne, you should make sure you’re fully aware of your desired musical genre or genres. That can help prevent a lot of hassle later on. If you want pop music for a youngster’s birthday party and end up with a DJ who specialises in trance music, you could end up with a serious headache from the frustration of it all. If you’re thorough, however, hiring a Melbourne DJ is relatively straightforward.